Ballet Class

Ballet Class Schedule

New FALL 2017 Ballet Class Schedule! 

Learning body placement in group while having fun!

Learning body placement in group while having fun!


The best ballet class for kids

This ballet class for kids is fun and lively and begins by teaching the foundations for all dance genres. Your child will also begin the love of dance at our studio in pre-ballet.   Our pre-ballet offers instruction in coordination, musicality, creative expression imagination and best of all fun!   Our pre-ballet teachers know exactly how to gear the class so all the kids enjoy dancing and learning their ballet positions. IDA will offer performance opportunities to our very beginning students. This class is perfect for very young children. Recommended for ages 3 (must be potty-trained) to 5 years old.

Beginning Ballet

ballet for kids

Your young dancer will have fun in this class geared to young dancers.

More performance opportunities

There are many ballet classes in the Inland Empire, but they are all not the same!  This ballet class will focus on ballet vocabulary and proper body placement.  There is barre work that will help emphasize a strong foundation.  Your child’s technique in ballet class will improve, and he or she will advance to Ballet 1 with instructor approval.

There are several opportunities throughout the year to perform on a stage in front of friends and family. These performances are not recitals, but more of a true production experience for your child. Our instructors will keep you informed of auditions for production opportunities. These ballet auditions are typically held for a spring and winter production.

Ballet 1

Dance classes in the Inland Empire

Demonstrating low fifth arms in preparation


Ballet classes for growth and strength

The student is given more technique and begins to develop more strength and confidence.


Ballet 2

Ballet Classes San Bernadino

Stretching during class to avoid injury in class

Progressing towards pointe

We know this is the big question. When will my daughter get en pointe?  At Inland Dance Academy we emphasize strength and training. Your child’s feet and ankles are continuing to grow and develop during this time, and we want to ensure your child does not cause injury to herself. Your teacher will give proper instruction and guidance so she develops the strength needed to go en pointe. There will be a strong emphasis on correct execution to avoid injury and limiting habits. It is in this level female students begin pre-pointe classes. Students are required to take 4 classes per week to begin pre pointe. Students entering level 2 will be in class 4 days per week before they will begin pre-pointe.


Ballet 3

Ballet Classes Rialto

Ballet 3 working on control in center floor

The female student is now ready to begin pointe work. The male student is being prepared for partnering and given more strengthening exercises to develop his ability to execute more difficult technique. Center floor is continued to developed with more work on leaps and spins or pirouette. As with all levels students are given many performance opportunities.

Students entering level 3 will be in class 4 days per week before they will begin pointe and to remain en pointe.

Ballet 4-6

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Advanced Ballet class will learn artistry of ballet

We produce top quality dancers

Dancers are now being taught a more advanced level of Ballet, and they are encouraged to explore their love of dance and develop their personal artistry. Dancers are often coached and groomed to audition for Summer Intensive programs abroad and around the country. Dancers at IDA have been accepted to every major ballet school in the United States and Canada. It is at this level the students usually decide if pursuing a career in dance is their desire and passion. If they are drawn to other areas, they are still benefiting from their training in dance. Some students are dancing more for recreation and social interaction. Many IDA students have attended Universities and chosen diverse careers. Whatever the student desires Inland Dance Academy will prepare them to excel!

Students entering level 4-6 will be in class 4 days per week to remain en pointe.

Hip-Hop/Jazz Combo

Getting a routine together in class

Getting a routine together in class

We have added in a fun class for our dancers beginning ages 9 and up. This class will introduce the dancers to jazz turns and jazz dance. The dancers will challenge themselves learning a new way to place their body and to turn. They will also work on moving across the floor, jumping, and body placement in Jazz.

Hip-Hop is a class to get up and move. They will learn a completely different style of dance from classical ballet. During class time they will do simple routines and gradually work towards more difficult. Emphasis is placed on staying in time to the music and expression and fierceness in their dance. It’s clean and fun! *Hip-Hop/Jazz Combo is off the schedule for now. NOW ON TUESDAYS FROM 7:30 – 8:30!

Stretching and balancing before class

Stretching and balancing before class

Contemporary Class

In order for dancer to develop more expression and character on stage, we have added in contemporary dance class. The dancers will still be using their classical ballet technique but in a freer format. They will different body placements and be exposed to different music. They will be learning as well, facial expression and how to express emotions in dance. All dancers in ballet 2-6 are encouraged to take this class. We have closed this class for the fall season.

*All class times and instructors are subject to change. Last update in September 2017.