Our Policies

At IDA, we love ballet, so we want to ensure you and your child enjoy ballet as well. There comes a time when rules and procedures need to be read and signed. We have these policies to protect you and to ensure IDA continues to be a part of ballet in the Inland Empire. Below are a few of our policies. You can find them to download here. If you are coming to our studio for the first time, please download the policies, read them, and sign them.

Policy Statement


  • Tuition is due the FIRST LESSON OF EVERY SESSION or the week prior. Tuition rates are based a per month schedule. It will be your responsibility to bring payment in on time. For your convenience, tuition will be due by the 5th of every month.
  • Any tuition paid after the 5th of the month is subject to a $25 late charge. To reserve a student’s place in class, tuition must be kept current.
  • December tuition is due for all students including those participating in Inland Dance Theatres Nutcracker. Full tuition will be paid on November 27, 2017 for all participating students.
  • There are NO REFUNDS OR ADJUSTMENTS on monthly tuition.
  • Tuition must be paid on a monthly basis to retain a place in class.
  • There is an annual registration fee of $35 for new enrolling students.



  • Students enrolled at IDA will be required to pay tuition year around.
  • Students in levels 3-6 must be registered in 4 classes per week to be considered a full time student.
  • Students en pointe or pre-pointe must take 4 classes per week to remain en pointe.
  • Missed classes may be made up within four weeks of a missed class.
  • A two week vacation credit can be used any time of the year in addition to our Christmas break.
  • IDA is open year around and does not observe every school holiday. We are usually closed for two during the Christmas Season, and the following holidays: Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving.

Student Requirements:

  • Arrive five to ten minutes before class starts
  • Attend class consistently
  • Secure hair neatly
  • Do not wear underwear under tights
  • Do not chew gum in class
  • Wear pants or some other clothing over leotards outside of classroom
  • Do not wear dance shoes outside
  • Wait for rides inside studio

Parent Requirements:

  • Pay tuition on time.
  • Support IDA through fundraisers held throughout the year.
  • Allow your child to grow and experience auditions when available.
  • Refrain from gossip in the studio.
  • Support all dancers with positive comments.
  • Attend monthly parent meetings (usually the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of the month). This meeting is one way to update all parents on upcoming events, auditions, and fundraisers.
  • Please come into the studio to check the bulletin board for important messages. This board is the only way we can ensure you do get updates on policies, fundraisers, auditions, rehearsals, and any upcoming events.
  • May set up conferences with teachers through the front office
  • Are urged to take advantage of classroom visitations where teacher contact can be made. Parent visitation takes place in March, July, and November
  • Pick up children promptly after classes.
  • We occasionally take photos/videos at performances and in class. Please sign photo release on the policy statement. We will not publish your child’s name in promotional materials.

IDA Requirements:

  • Reserves the right to change the schedules as necessary
  • Reserves the right to discontinue any class at any time
  • Is not responsible for items left in the dressing room
  • All teachers will be respectful and teach your child correct ballet technique.
  • We communicate as best we can by posting notices in the studio and on Facebook. Please check those often!
  • We will notify students and parents about auditions for performances.
  • We will notify students and parents of summer intensive auditions for studios around the country. We may recommend specific schools for your child to audition.
  • We will strive to maintain a positive and encouraging learning environment for your child.


*tuition is subject to change. IDA will notify parents of any change in class times or tuition increases.
*updated February 2017